Your Wellbeing Warrior

Your Wellbeing Warrior is a new name for something that has long been my passion. Expanding out from the foundations of teaching yoga I continually find myself exploring new adventures and getting drawn into creative practices. Knowing that I will always be on the lookout new wellbeing experiences it only makes sense that I bring you along with me.
As Your Wellbeing Warrior I continue to create fun and uplifting events by mixing mindfulness or yoga with adventure or creativity. Providing a variety of wellbeing experiences for you to try out in the company of like-minded people.
Discovering this passion caused me to change my path, from working in the pharmaceutical industry to teaching yoga! I find I have issues however,with the term ‘new beginnings’ , as it can sometimes suggest that what is over was bad. For what’s old is not necessarily wrong, nor is it separate from what’s ahead. There are no mistakes in life, tough times are just as much a part of our successes as the good times, if not more. So I look forward to ‘new horizons’ and although I’m aware that I tend to be obsessed with what’s around the next bend, I also know and am grateful for every single ‘hurrah’ and all the ‘oh f&*ks’ that have brought me to where I am now. Because where I am now ain’t half bad!

Through the activities of Your Wellbeing Warrior I will be using all my experience from my past life in the research industry and my current life in wellbeing to create uplifting events. I feel empowered by yoga and wellbeing philosophy and I have been inspired by Sligo and the adventure providers who explore here. The amazing people I have met through mental health charity have shared their journeys and it encourages me to continue researching all these adventures in wellbeing.

Science has shown that participation in new activities reignites signals in the brain that once were dormant. The re-firing of these signals is what supports emotional recovery and enhances a sense of wellbeing. The beauty is that the chosen activity does not have to be an extreme sport for this magic to happen. It can be an activity new to you or new approach to an old one.
‘The only risk you take is that you might find a passion that forces you to change your path.’

It is the end of a year and I have my horizons on foreign shores. I’m off once again to travel, explore and bring home new trainings. As giddy as I know I’ll be I will take the time to write and share as I go all the new things I will come to know;-)